Inuyama Castle

Aichi Prefecture

East Area
Stamp Locations

  • 2nd floor of the gate, Inuyama Castle Management Office


Approximately 15 minutes’ walk from Meitetsu Inuyama-yuen Station


65-2 Inuyama-Kitakoken, Inuyama, Aichi

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The Strategic Borderline Castle on the Kiso River

Built on a 40m high rocky crag overlooking the Kiso River bordering Aichi and Gifu Prefectures, Inuyama, also known as Hakutei, Castle’s tenshu stands at the northernmost end, with the Honmaru, Sakura, Sugi, Kiri, and Matsu baileys arranged in descending levels to the south. From 1617, the Owari Tokugawa clan’s chief retainer, Naruse Masanari, followed by nine generations of Naruse family served as lord of Inuyama. It is almost certain that the National Treasure listed tenshu’s first and second floors date from 1601 and the third and fourth floors from 1620. The types of window seen at Inuyama castle are diverse, however the arch shaped kato-mado on the uppermost floors are simply decorative pieces and not functioning windows. In 1965, management of Inuyama Castle was entrusted to the city, and the Shoju (Teppou)Watchtower and the Honmaru Kurogane-mon Gate were rebuilt in concrete.