Hiroshima Castle

Hiroshima Prefecture

West Area
Stamp Locations

  • 1st level Museum Shop


Take a tram from JR Hiroshima Station to Kamiyacho-higashi. Entrance is approximately 15 minutes by foot


21-1 Moto-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Hiroshima

The Phoenix Rising From the Ashes

Realizing the age of the yamajiro, the mountaintop castle was over, the warlord Mori Motonari’s grandson, Mori Terumoto, began this castle construction on the Ota River delta in 1589, and Hiroshima Castle was completed in 1599. Hiroshima’s tenshu was said to have surpassed even that of Osaka Castle. The Battle of Sekigahara broke out immediately after completion, and as the Mori clan sided with the Toyotomi loyalists against the Tokugawa, they were replaced by Fukushima Masanori who then carried out major renovations. However, in 1619, Fukushima made some minor repairs without receiving permission, and so he too was demoted and replaced by the Asano clan. At its peak, Hiroshima featured some 99 yagura, including the tenshu. Hiroshima Castle was devastated by the atomic bombing of 1945. The tenshu was restored in reinforced concrete in 1958, and in 1994, the Nino-maru Omote-go-mon Gate, and the Hira Yagura were authentically restored using old photographs and documents as reference.