Uwajima Castle

Ehime Prefecture

West Area
Stamp Locations

  • Inside tenshu


Approximately 20 minutes’ walk from JR Uwajima Station


3 Marunouchi, Uwajima, Ehime

Warring States Design with a Peace Time Tower

Completed in 1595 by Todo Takatora, a recognized master of castle design and construction, Uwajima was built on a small mountain overlooking the sea, with the Honmaru at the summit, surrounded by the Ni-no-maru. The Daiemon-maru, Toubei-maru and Nagato-maru covered the west side, with the Ido-maru to the north. At the base the San-no-maru was surrounded on three sides by the inner moat creating a large pentagonal shaped island. Land reclamation work has now landlocked Uwajima Castle, however in the past, the north and western sides faced the sea, and so the large Kuro-mon or “black gate” for boats once opened towards the bay. In 1614, Date Hidemune became Lord of Uwajima, and his heir, Date Munetoshi, rebuilt Takatora’s once simple battle-ready tenshu in 1666. Fitted with decorative hafu, triangular roof gables, a Karahafu-zukuri open styled entranceway, and without the usual defensive features, it became representative of the peaceful times of the Edo period and symbolic of the area.