About the “Japanese Castle -24 Best Castles Stamp Rally-”

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About the stamp rally

They have been chosen from Japan’s Top 100 Castles based on the popularity among foreigners.

“Japanese Castle -24 Best Castles Stamp Rally-” is the only official book therefore collections cannot be certified if stamps are put on other stamp books, notebooks, or piece of paper.

Please note that the certification of achievement will be released only to one person per book.

Each stamp of Japan’s Top 100 Castles has a serial number and the 24 castles in the 24 Best Castles Stamp Rally are picked up among the 100. Therefore there are missing numbers. The numbers are as follows:

East Area West Area
2 Goryokaku 53 Nijo Castle
4 Hirosaki Castle 54 Osaka Castle
12 Aizu Wakamatsu Castle 59 Himeji Castle
21 Edo Castle 64 Matsue Castle
23 Odawara Castle 68 Bitchu Matsuyama Castle
27 Ueda Castle 73 Hiroshima Castle
29 Matsumoto Castle 78 Marugame Castle
35 Kanazawa Castle 81 Matsuyama Castle
36 Maruoka Castle 83 Uwajima Castle
43 Inuyama Castle 84 Kochi Castle
44 Nagoya Castle 92 Kumamoto Castle
50 Hikone Castle 100 Shuri Castle

About the application for certification

It may take 1 month from the time the application is sent. Please note that there will be no response if a stamp cannot be confirmed due to photo unclearness etc.